Monday, March 07, 2005

Short Run

I had my brother in town this weekend with his new girl. It was great to see him. We do miss our family while we are out in Boston. Anyway, I did reasonable well last week, but ended up taking 3 days off. Sunday I excused myself and got a long run in and I am paying for it again. This was a "short long run" of 12-13 miles. I was pleased with myself because I got my speed up which I need. I managed a 9 minute mile. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but I figure if I can keep that up for 12-13, then a 10 minute mile for the actual marathon is doable. Is that a word? I will be glad to have this over with though. I have my longest run (24) next week and then I start tapering down for the actual marathon, so the worst is almost over.
Thanks to all of you that have donated. I am still short of the mark, so please keep 'em coming!
PS - is anyone actually reading this?


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